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    Catherine Greer

    Fundamentals of Homeschooling
    Notes on Successful Family Living

    by Ann Lahrson-Fisher

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    • Release date: September 15, 2002
    • ISBN: 9780964081369 (0964081369)
    • Format: paperback, 430 pages
    • Author: Ann Lahrson-Fisher
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Nettlepatch Pr

    About The Book

    OPEN IT.

    DISCOVER a resource-rich book that explores wide and deep below the surface of successful homeschooling.

    DISCOVER insights that unlock forever the clues to how children learn naturally through everyday family life.

    NOT a compilation of facts and figures, NOT a set of steps, and NOT EVEN an argument for homeschooling.

    Instead, ENGAGE IN A CONVERSATION that will deepen your understanding of how children learn in families. You gain insights into how family-based learning works as never before. Enjoy trying out many time-tested resources.

    Find out how everyday habits — play, conversation, togetherness — even growing up! — work together to bring joy to families while helping children hold onto their love of learning as they explore the world.

    Written in a friendly and conversational style, you will enjoy the author’s insights into family dynamics. Every parent should have this information at their fingertips.

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Esillä 2 viestiä, 1 - 2 (kaikkiaan 2)
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