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    Camille Carder

    Crystal Paradise
    (Paradise, #2)
    by Johanna Hailey, Sharon Jarvis, Marcia Yvonne Howl

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    • ISBN: 9780821718940 (0821718940)
    • Author: Johanna Hailey, Sharon Jarvis, Marcia Yvonne Howl
    • Publisher: Zebra
    • Format: paperback, 496 pages
    • Series: Paradise, #2
    • Language: english
    • Release date: September 1, 1986

    About The Book


    Aurora thought she had finally found contentment when she was held in her lover’s arms. But that happiness was short-lived when Frayne had to leave her to continue on his quest for adventure, this time to find a perfect crystal rose. Once separated from him, Aurora knew that she would never again be whole until their lips met in a searing kiss; their flesh touched in a raging embrace… and they joined together as one in passion’s burning fury…


    Frayne was sure his life was over when he saw a false vision of Aurora’s death. With little reason left for caution, he plunged into great danger in his search for the crystal rose. Yet, like an angel, the spirit of Aurora hovered over him, always guarding him, reminding him of their shared ecstasy. More than ever, Frayne longed to crush her to his chest, wrap his legs around hers and be driven to the heights of rapture only his true love could provide. Until he could prove that his vision was true, he would seek out his destiny… to once again share with Aurora love’s sparkling CRYSTAL PARADISE

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