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    How to Host a Meaningful, Fun, Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bar or Bat Mitzvah

    by Gail Anthony Greenberg

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    • Format: paperback, 240 pages
    • Release date: October 3, 2006
    • ISBN: 9780743284929 (0743284925)
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Touchstone
    • Author: Gail Anthony Greenberg

    About The Book

    An indispensable, modern-day guide to planning the perfect bar or bat mitzvah, celebrating substance and style

    There used to be only two approaches to the bar or bat mitzvah party — a low-key event that reflects the solemnity of this sacred rite of passage or a big bash that has no connection to the religious service. For many, it was an impossible dilemma. Will a big bash trivialize and overshadow the bar or bat mitzvah experience? Will too much spirituality suck the life out of an otherwise fabulous party?

    MitzvahChic is the first book that proves that if you want a truly amazing experience, you can and must have it all! Blending meaningful Jewish elements with high-style contemporary party planning, this inspiring and useful guide will show you how to have the ultimate bar or bat mitzvah — a profoundly moving service followed by an unforgettable party. The MitzvahChic approach also shows how to honor your child in a big way, rather than reducing him or her to an overused pop culture theme or a single cliché: He’s into baseball! She loves horses!

    This must-have guide gives advice on the major decisions, the basics of the service, and the party details that really matter. It also features:

    A complete guide to the Torah, including dates and summaries of the portions and supplementary materials

    Eight complete, themed parties, including party favors, decorations, and photographs of sample tables

    A time line to help plan the bar or bat mitzvah up to two years ahead

    Instructions for being MitzvahChic on a budget

    Advice on how to include non-Jewish friends and family members in the ceremony

    A practical guide to all things mitzvah from the Torah to the tablecloth, MitzvahChic will help create a beautiful, powerful, resonant, and unforgettable rite of passage.

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