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    Luftwaffe Schlachtgruppen
    (Aviation Elite Units, #13)
    by John Weal

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    • Genres: aviation
    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Osprey Publishing
    • Format: paperback, 128 pages
    • Author: John Weal
    • Series: Aviation Elite Units, #13
    • Release date: October 22, 2003
    • ISBN: 9781841766089 (1841766089)

    About The Book

    One of the most important, and yet least publicised, components of the front-line Luftwaffe was the Schlacht, or ground attack, arm. This book details the Schlacht units who were in the thick of the fighting from the first day of the war until the last. They played a vital part in the heady successes of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns and went on to perform an equally essential role in the dark hours of last ditch defence and ultimate defeat. In between, they fought in all defensive battles: on the eastern front at Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin; in the west, by night, over Normandy, the Ardennes and the Rhine.

    The color plate section of the book has profiles of the following, disperate aircraft:

    HS 123A

    HE 51B

    Bf 109-4

    Bf 109E

    Bf 109E-7

    HS 129B

    Fw 190F-2

    Fiat Cr.42

    Fokker CV-E

    Ju 87D

    All of which were flown by this squadron. Also of note is the fact that this Ace pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was part of this distinguished unit.

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