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    James Kelly

    Summa Elvetica
    A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy and Other Stories

    (Arts of Dark and Light)
    by Vox Day

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    • Publisher: Marcher Lord Press
    • Format: hardcover, 492 pages
    • Release date: May 1, 2013
    • Author: Vox Day
    • Genres: fantasy, fiction, christian, philosophy, adult
    • ISBN: 9781940163000 (1940163005)
    • Language: english
    • Series: Arts of Dark and Light

    About The Book

    Do Elves Have Souls? In a medieval fantasy world in which the realm of man is dominated by a rich and powerful Church, the Most Sanctified Charity IV decides the time is ripe to make a conclusive inquiry into the matter. If, in his infallible wisdom, he determines that elves do have immortal souls, then the Church will be obliged to bring the Holy Word of the Immaculate to them. But if he decides they do not, there will be holy war.

    Powerful factions line up on both sides of the debate. War-hungry magnates cast greedy eyes at the ancient wealth of the elven kingdoms and pray for a declaration that elves are little more than animals. And there are men who are willing to do more than merely pray.

    The delegation sent to the High King of the Elves is led by two great theologians, brilliant philosophers who champion opposite sides of the great debate. And in the Sanctiff s own stead, he sends the young nobleman, Marcus Valerius.

    Marcus Valerius is a rising scholar in the Church, talented, fearless, and devout. But he is inexperienced in the ways of the world. Nothing in his life has prepared him for the beauty of the elves or the monumental betrayal into which he rides. Praise for ”Summa Elvetica”

    One of the most fascinating fantasy worlds I ve ever visited.

    Day has put forth a masterpiece with this book.

    It would not surprise me at all if this is one day regarded as a classic of the fantasy genre. Also Includes: A Magic Broken The Wardog s Coin Qalabi Dawn Master of Cats Birth of an Order The Hoblets of Wiccam Fensboro The Last Witchking Opera Vita Aeterna

    Vox Day is a writer and game designer. His interests include economics, history, technology, and wargames. He has written nine books, including ”A -Throne of Bones” and ”The Return of the Great Depression, ” and he speaks three languages. He is a non-denominational Christian and has been recognized as one of the Internet s most in-fluential libertarians.

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