More happy stuff in Malkuth (read: new deck)

It’s happened, Again: a new deck has arrived. I know, I’m incurable (but hey, it’s not as if there’s _always_ a new deck waiting for me when I open the door! That’s my excuse anyway..). This time it’s truly a treasure: Albano-Waite deck, first printing, from 1968. God bless Ebay. The deck is in mint condition, from what I can tell of the card edges it’s never even been used. RWS (Rider-Waite-Smith) deck has always been – right from the start – my first choice, and I don’t believe that will ever change. So far I’ve been using two versions of this deck, first one having been the U.S.Games edition and second one the so-called “Original Rider-Waite Tarot Pack”. In the U.S.G. version there’s that neon yellow background which gives me the creeps (too much associations on the ’80’s, thank you very much), and on the “Original” version the colour tone is -for lack of a better word- somewhat ‘mouldy’. You won’t find anything mouldy in Albano-Waite, that’s for sure. Frankie Albano (who, according to Stuart Kaplan, was later reported missing and efforts to locate him/her have proven futile) showed no meekness in re-colouring; this deck screams the spirit of the ’60’s. As Erin Parnell writes in her review on Aeclectic, “I have thought of the deck as the Rider Waite Smith on acid.”  See for your selves, chaps:


Pretty powerful, eh? I think this deck will actually knock over my “Original” one and take over the top position as the One. I confess, I’m in love with this deck. The absense of gray (well, minority of it anyway), strong tones, bold use of colour combinations, colour coded Minors.. Wah! Even the back is great:

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