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The Warburg Institute building in Woburn Square

I have just received news from the Warburg Institute concerning the restoration project on the original paintings of the Thoth Tarot by Lady Frieda Harris. Good news; the project has been going on for some time now, and currently about half of the paintings have been restored. The second half will be treated likewise once the project receives further funding. Sure, it might take some time to accomplish the whole of it but nevertheless.. the day is coming. After the restoration the paintings will remain in the Institute and, most likely, be unavailable for public viewing. After all, it is exactly this which caused the deterioration to begin in the first place. But – and here comes the thrilling part – there will be in April or May 2008 in Paris a show which will display all the paintings restored so far, so at least half of the deck!!! OMG OMG OMG!! Oh gawd, now where do I get the money for that?! First in February celebrating in London Pixie’s big 1-3-0 and then off to Paris. Well, I’m going anyway. I am so going. Oh, and it is at the Pompidou btw..

S_MOON.jpg - 127269 Bytes

Atu XVIII – the Moon (alternative version by Lady Frieda Harris)

majors18550.jpg picture by wolfyjames

Atu XVIII – the Moon (final version by Lady Frieda Harris)

Update: Bad luck – there will only be four paintings from the Thoth deck on display. The exhibition is called “Traces du sacré”, and is scheduled to be held in the Pompidou Centre from 7th May to 11th August 2008. Second exhibition – but WITHOUT THE THOTH CARDS – will be held in Munich. 

4 cards… doesn’t stop me from going!  

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  1. kyynhima says:

    Go, Warburg, go! 😀

  2. fiammablu says:

    Wow, I like that alternative Moon card very very much! much better than the orginal in fact — it is more spooky and has more depth. ;0

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