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“Man is in need of a symbolic life…But we have no symbolic life…Have you got a corner somewhere in your house where you perform the rites as you can see in India? Even the very simple houses there have at least a curtained corner where the members of the household can lead the symbolic life, where they can make their new vows or meditation. We don’t have it…We have no time, no place…Only the symbolic life can express the need of the soul – the daily need of the soul, mind you! And because people have no such thing, they can never step out of this mill – this awful, grinding, banal life in which they are ‘nothing but.'” (Jung, C. G. ” The Symbolic Life” as quoted in Edinger, Edward F.: “Ego and Archetype”)

“Modern man urgently needs to re-establish meaningful contact with the primitive layer of the psyche… 
…we must learn how to incorporate primitive categories of experience into our world view without denying or damaging our conscious, scientific categories of space, time and causality…To be primitive in our relation to the outer world is to be superstitious; but to be primitive in relation to the inner world of the psyche is to be wise.” (Edinger, Edward F.: “Ego and Archetype”)

“Let us prepare for the Great Integrity
by cleansing ourselves of all these cobwebs
of cluttered fragments that paralyze the mind.
In this way we will function as our own holistic physicians.” (Tao Te Ching, verse 71) 

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