Tarot of the Deviant Moon: The Magician

This is a new deck, published by U. S. Games Inc. The estimated release date is Dec. ’07 so it should be available sooner than later. Author of this deck is Patrick Valenza. The website (behind the link above) is currently displaying only one page, but more can be found here, including sample pictures. 

The author writes:

Nothing has had a greater influence over my art then the tarot itself. I first discovered the tarot at the age of nine. I was captivated by the unique characters I saw on each card and studied the artwork intensely. My favorites were the old 19th century and medieval decks. While my classmates where drawing what children normally do, I was busy making my own little pictures of the fool or the magician. Over the years I have made many attempts to create my own deck, but never completed more then a few cards each time. I held the ideas of my early random creations and revitalized them here in the Deviant Moon.

Physically, this deck has taken over three years to complete, although it is at least thirty years in the making. It is not only a testament to my art, but a record of my life.”

This deck will definitely go to my ‘Get it!’ -list. The artwork is, quite simply put, amazing beyond words. There are so few decks based on photography / computer graphics that I would consider myself using, that it more than pleases me to see one which clearly can be classified as a ‘gem’. I wouldn’t dream of using this deck for a ‘standard reading’ (whatever that is then..) but for a reading to address specifically subconscious / unconscious matter I think this deck would be an ideal choice.

Mr. Valenza, here’s a toast to your Work! 

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