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2008. Finally. I’m not sure why, but I was really looking forward to Vortumna turning her wheel into January. 2007 apparently gave a pretty challenging time for every one that I know of – finding the inner resources seemed to be a collective theme (well, sure, it always is but it seemed to highlight the year..). Towards the end of the year the increasing darkness added its own undertone, culminating in black Christmas. Aside from Southern parts of the country, that’s a pretty rare thing to witness. 

Winter arrived today. That means a couple of degrees below zero. That means snow. Snow! Suddenly I’ve turned into a 7-year-old, staring at the sky, my mouth agape. I hope this frost stays so we can have some ice-walking along the bay. It always feels so weird, stepping on the ice for the first time, not sure if it will actually carry you. You see other people doing it, so what the hell. 

I’ve been keeping myself busy with my diploma work for LogoArt. The two-year course / training comes to an end within a few weeks. Mixed feelings, part of me wouldn’t want it to end, part of me can’t wait it to end. It’s definitely been the best course of my life. Adopting a new way to see the world and your self. What more could you ask for? It’s put me against the wall, that’s for sure. But knowing that the wall is built by you gives you enough empathy and courage to see it for what it is. Then there’s of course the prosess of slowly getting all the bricks down…

Second part of my diploma work comprises of the study of the 78 cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, analyzing all the cards from the point of art therapy. There’s plenty of work but I’m almost at the end of it. I had no idea how eye-opening the whole process would be. It really is quite something: for 17 years I’ve been staring down at the same pictures, and not actually seeing what’s in front of me. It feels like I’d have discovered Tarot for the first time. 

And now that there’s absolutely no time for it the Muse has decided to keep me awake with new melodies hitting my brain. At 5:30 a.m., when I really should be in bed. Maybe one day all those bits and pieces will actually make it into something real. Or maybe not. I’ll tell you one thing though, creative process is a bitch. Just when you shouldn’t be thinking anything, just keep playing it and letting it flow through you, suddenly you realize you’re analyzing the whole thing! Bugger.


muotopiirustusta: yum


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