Petra genetrix: Rebirth

“Now, forgetting, sleep and death are opposed to remembering, wakefulness and birth in the earthly life of man. Forgetting, sleep and death are members of the same family. It is said that sleep is the younger brother of death; by the same token it would be right to say that forgetting is the younger brother of sleep… in reality nothing is forgotten from the totality of man’s psychic life, and that so-called “forgotten” things are in the unconscious (i.e. extra-cerebral) part of the psychic life. There is complete memory in the depths of the unconscious, where nothing is forgotten… Resurrection is not an all-powerful divine act, but rather the effect of the meeting and union of divine love, hope and faith with human love, hope and faith.” (Anonymous / Tomberg, Valentin: Meditations on the Tarot) 

“What is being remembered or restored?” 

A good question. And a highly appropriate one.

With one wish we wake the will
within wisdom.
With one will we wish the wisdom
within waking.
Woken, wishing, willing.

(Dead Can Dance: Song of Sophia)

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