The Four Dragons Spread

The Four Dragons Spread by Arwen
A Fairy Tale Spread
Overall theme: Doing good for the sake of doing good

Sometimes we have to tackle a problem in several steps. From the Chinese tale of the Four Dragons, I offer this problem solution spread.


Card one is the Pearl Dragon (The Zhujiang aka Pearl River): The Pearl Dragon sees that there is a need.
Card two is the Yellow Dragon (The Huanghe aka Yellow River) : The Yellow Dragon identifies the problem .
Card three is the Long Dragon (The Changjiang (Yangtze) aka Long River): The Long Dragon shows you where to go for help.
Card four is the Emperor: The Emperor is the block. Here is what you have to defeat to solve the problem.
Card five is the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon is the risk-taker. Here is the risk you have to take to remove the obstacle to your problem.
Card six is your change. In this tale all four dragons changed into rivers. How will your involvement in this problem change you?

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