Masonic tracing boards by Lady Frieda Harris

Lady Frieda Harris is best known for her designs on the Thoth deck, but here’s something different: three masonic tracing boards. Having been a mason herself it’s not a big surprise that her artistic and creative nature would’ve lead her to design and paint a set of important symbols from this another school of thought. The use of synthetic projective geometry is once again apparent in these paintings. I wish there’d be more art work by Harris available…

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One Response to Masonic tracing boards by Lady Frieda Harris

  1. 8pallo says:

    Ekaksi laittamasi on jotenkin semmoinen “on vielä matkaa ja noustavia portaita edessä”, toisessa ympäristön sahalaidat ärsii koko ajan itse keskukseen keskittymista, ja kolmas on kuin avaruudessa kelluva hauta.

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