The Dynamics of Symbols

In her book "The Dynamics of Symbols – Fundamentals of Jungian Psychotherapy" (1992) Verena Kast writes:

"According to the Jungian concept of humanity, whatever is external is also internal, and whatever is internal is also external. Hence, we should try to free ourselves not only from the restraints of collective values, norms, and expected roles – which we have internalized in our persona – but also from the restraints of the unconscious. Indeed, we should consciously interact with them. We should neither be defined by the unconscious, nor by the values our society has created. To be freed from the restraints of the unconscious means, among other things, that we do not allow our lives to be determined by an archetype without being aware of it."

To me, this sums up pretty well the core of my own tarot work. I believe healing occurs when we become aware of these forces affecting us and through us.

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