Tarot Walkabout

Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen presents Walkabout:

"Wishing you were somewhere exotic, but can’t afford the ticket or the time? Do you want to see the world as you’ve never seen it before? Would you like to come out and play… spending a night in another reality?

It’s theatre! It’s performance! It’s experimance! It’s LARP! Whatever it is, we call it Walkabout. The playing fields are the territory of the soul, the so-called "reality" of Helsinki, and one pure fiction, somewhere between game and show. What you see and what you get all depends on you: whether you choose to experience, influence, or just watch Walkabout go by, you’re sure to be a part of it. All we desire is that you come as you are.

What every traveler should know
Sleep is an essential part of Walkabout. We will not deprive you of sleep-or food, or good company! When reserving your ticket, please give us your phone number, mailing address, and any food allergies/requirements you may have. Tickets must be reserved and paid for in advance. Important information will be sent to your home about what to bring with you… and what to leave behind."

This looks really interesting! A real-life interactive Tarot (compared to those offered in digital formats or mediums) isn’t something you come across every day, at least not in Finland. The Tarot images are mainly about characters, whether celestial, mythological or earthly, and a leap from image into reality isn’t a big one. The pioneers of this kind of "living Tarot work" were probably the members of the Golden Dawn, who practised ritual work based on the Tarot images. It is also one way – and a very fun one –  to study the cards, by imagining yourself becoming the different characters of the Tarot. I also remember seeing at least one project involving the use of Tarot characters as a part of psychodrama method in helping troubled teenagers. 

Looking forward to this, and posting story & pics in July..       

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