Vitali’s website “Le Tarot” now in English

The Cultural Association "Le Tarot" ,"has been founded in 1985 by Prof. Andrea Vitali, its actual president, who wanted to gather around himself eminent researchers of the most varied disciplines with the aim to investigate the archetypical, symbolic and allegorical universe. Fields of exploration are history of the religions, of the philosophical thought, of theatre, of music, and anthropology and Jungian analysis as well." 

The website has a huge amount of information on Tarot, particularly on its history. In the Essays section there are detailed, historical analyses of the Major Arcana cards, each rich with links between the cards’ iconography and the Italian culture. The Association also has its own publishing line, unfortunately only one of the four published is available in English. Exhibitions page left me seriously contemplating on whether I should move to Italy.. hopefully one day I’ll have the opportunity to visit one of these events. 

(news via Mary Greer

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