Grand Etteilla (1890)

A little while ago I had a stroke of luck on Ebay, and was able to buy a copy of Etteilla’s deck, made by Grimaud in 1890 (there’s a tax stamp on the Two of Coins, as usual). The cards were first published in 1788. Grimaud / France Cartes still manufactures this deck, it’s nowadays known as the "Grand Etteilla – Egyptian Gypsies Tarot". As this is my first pre-1900 deck I’m pretty excited about it. To think of what the cards might’ve seen along the years.. the seller had very little info on the cards, said he’d bought them in the UK. This deck has one card missing, the Page of Wands or "Garcon de Campagne" as it’s known in the deck. More info on Etteilla / Jean-Baptiste Alliette can be found here and here. I made a pdf file which has all the Major Arcana cards, plus the last page has the Two of Cups and one card showing the back side. 

pdf file (can take a bit to download).  


the cards are in a good shape but the box is actually sewn up..

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  1. tindomerel says:

    Wow! Hienolta näyttää. 🙂

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