Hexagon Spread

Here’s a new spread which recently presented itself. I don’t ‘plan’ to design a spread, it usually just happens when I’m in a playful mood with the cards.. patterns begin to emerge. If you’ve seen this kind of spread elsewhere please let me know. I know that different star-shaped spreads are popular, but I don’t remember seeing this type of laying out of the cards before.

So, begin by shuffling a deck and then choosing three cards. Turn them over, and place them by the pattern below. You can choose which card goes to which position, I place the first one to the left (Ace of Pentacles), the second to right below (3 of Pentacles) and the third to right above (5 of Wands).  

Next, choose another three cards and place them above the first three as shown in the pattern below. This completes the hexagon shape. Again you can choose which card goes to which position, I do the reverse here so that the first goes to right, the second to left below and the third to left above.  

So now you have six cards, three below and three above. These cards mirror what’s happening in your life at the moment. The first three cards (below) symbolise your inner world, what’s happening on the inside. The next three cards (above) symbolise then your external world, what is visible and what’s ‘out here’. These two sets of threes can also be understood as an extension of the first two cards of the Celtic Cross spread (the ‘Small Cross’ or the ‘Cross of Life’). Begin the reading by examining the two groups separately. What do the inner cards symbolise by themselves, what associations you then get when reading the inner cards as a family of three? Then the same for the outer triangle. First separately, then as a group of three. Then comes the fun part: do a new reading based on the ‘meeting points’ of the inner and outer cards. Following the example above, how does the Ace of Pentacles affect both the King of Wands and the Page of Swords? And how do the King of Wands and the Page of Swords ‘meet’ in the Ace of Pentacles? How does the 3 of Pentacles affect the King of Wands and the 3 of Cups? And how do the King of Wands and the 3 of Cups ‘meet’ in the 3 of Pentacles? And the same for the 5 of Wands, 3 of Cups and the Page of Swords. So the point is to see what connections there are between those forces functioning on the inside and on the outside – in what different ways do they connect or ‘meet’. If you’re getting the word ‘integration’ here then you’re right on the spot. 

Lastly, choose another six cards from the deck, and place them around the hexagon as shown below. I place them clockwise starting from one o’clock but feel free to do them widdershins or whatever order suits you best.           

I call these surrounding cards as Guardians. They can be taken to represent guides or warnings, or a general information affecting the particular card. As there are six cards in the hexagon, there are six Guardians, so each has a pair; three ‘inner Guardians’ and three ‘outer Guardians’. What would the 10 of Wands be saying to the King of Wands (that’s quite obvious)? What about the 10 of Pentacles and the Page of Swords? Or the Hanged Man and the Ace of Pentacles? Try this spread and see what comes up, and how you resonate (or not!) with it.   

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  1. tindomerel says:

    Tämä on todella kiinnostava. Kiitos, kun laitoit jakoon. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this. Can’t wait to try it!

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