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Outside is getting cooler but inside my head things are definitely hot, if not boiling. As a sort of list it would seem that I

-decided to participate on the Rider-Waite-Smith Centennial party in London, which will be on Dec. 5th. More info of the event here 
I first thought to skip it due to my summer trip to London and the Lake District for the Tarosophy Workshop, which brought my budget down to minus zero. But what the hell, RWS will have its Big double-0 just once and I’d probably kick myself for the rest of my life if I didn’t go. So I’m going. Also looking forward to meeting with Mary Greer & Paul Hughes Barlow and the rest of the bunch (and is Mr. Societyscaresme coming, yes please?)

-have been seriously putting me brains (or what’s left of it) to the Book, this being my very own Tarot book, which – hopefully – won’t take ad infinitum to be ready. It’s slow. Very. At the moment I’m being in contact with three museums, one in Istanbul, one in Stuttgart and one in Sevilla. They have different sets of original, Old cards in their collections and is there any chance btw that I could get scans from you, what you think and how much was that, come again..? So it’s very much about finding and locating, whose got the copyrights and what it takes to publish. If Plan A goes bonkers then it’s Plan B, finding about facsimile editions and oh yes, they do tend to be out-of-print and was that now Piatnik or AGMueller or USG or Solleone or Meneghello who did the edition – and which edition was that. Agh.

-am trying to keep the History section of the book under 100 pages, because do not want to write a book on Tarot history solely. It’s interesting, sure, but there’s the rest of the hacienda as well. That history thing is a sneaky bugger, it wants to steal the entire show. But I say "No!"

-still have the tendency to press that "send order" button with books even though I seriously don’t have the money for it. Mail just brought Farley’s A Cultural History of Tarot (which I highly recommend, really well put together) and Jung’s Red Book, that much speculated Goliath of the unconscious among jungians at least, is pre-ordered. Read a good article about the journey of bringing this book in to daylight here. Many thanks to   for the info! Also been reading through my Tarot library to find the books that I want / need to quote / use a source material

-need more hours, please. I should meet my art therapy bunch now. We are doing a series of paintings together, there’s the three of us always working on the same pic and the plan is that once we have enough of them we’ll exhibit them. Somewhere. And then, hopefully, we’ll do something which will involve.. tadaa: publishing! (which I’m already in love with. Not)

-nevertheless have managed to go the weekly arabic lessons, and I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll actually be able to speak the language. ahem. (and Taiji is somewhere there coming along as well..)

-also have remembered to go to work. This is a plus, definitely. 

-will organise a Tarot event here in Finland in December for the above mentioned RWS reason, this will be after my trip to London and will include something Taroty. Plan, execute, evaluate. Right’o. 

-have been quite antisocial in what comes to friends. This doesn’t exactly surprise me (for the reasons in the above), but don’t feel too good about it, either. Bad luck.         

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  1. *cackle* yes, Paul was telling me about the RWS thing (we’re not exactly bosom buddies, but we did spend the day together when I did my 78 Tarot Reading Challenge.) I’ll find out the details and then put some of my organs on ebay 😉
    On the subject of books — I’m quite lucky with books. When I really need something it has a habit of falling into my lap. No, what I’ve been spending money on is silly computer games (see current blog post for details 😉 )
    Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you’re busy. I start self destructing when I get bored!

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