The other side of the history of playing cards

I find the history of both playing and Tarot cards fascinating; what happened where and when, who did this and that, how the suit symbols changed from place to place, all the different and many theories of both the exoteric and esoteric history. But there’s another kind of history in the cards as well, one which clearly deserves the title of "a living history", the secondary use of cards. Here’s a wonderful site dedicated to this other side of ‘life in the cards’: Small cards, great stories. The man behind this is Gejus van Diggele, a well-known figure in the world of playing cards. Most of the cards on the site come from his personal collection. I was really surprised to find out in just how many different ways the cards have been used.

Secrets of the Playing Card – one episode in "Decoding the Past" series – has mr. van Diggele discussing about this subject and showing the cards from his collection, here is the link to part 2 (from 05:20 onwards). 



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