Christmas Competition & Tero’s Law

From  Tarot Professionals

"Start your new year with a membership of Tarot Professionals, or as a member, win a Tarot Hamper packed with Tarot goodies! Our Christmas 2009 competition is now open!!! And ALL entries will be included with your name acknowleged in the forthcoming TAROSOPHY book, to be published Spring 2010. You can enter by just choosing ONE word … it’s that simple!

Or is it …!

Our competition is named in honour of our member, Tero, from Finland, who whilst talking over a recent dinner with Rachel Pollack, came up (in Finnish) with what we now call "Tero’s Law". We were talking about the type of change signified by the "Blasted Tower" card, and he suddenly said, "You know, the Tower Never Asks"! This succinct statement immediately became labelled "Tero’s Law" (of the Tower). A couple of months later, we found another; "Tali’s Law", which states "The Chariot Never Stops". So our competition is for you to come up with one or more similar "Laws" for any or all of the Major Arcana, simply by finding a word to complete the statement:

The [chosen card] never [ ]s.

The entries will be judged by our Honorary Members, and closing date is midnight, Christmas Eve, December 24th 2009.

There will be two winners; one non-member who will win a years membership of Tarot Professionals, and a member who will win the Tarot Hamper. We are stocking it up now, and it will certainly include a couple of special Tarot decks, books and more surprises! Our last Draw winner (from the Facebook Draw) won over $250 worth of Baba bags, Tarot decks and books and magazines!

All entries and questions should be sent to Tali at:"

If you’re not a member yet then now’s your chance to get a one-year ride for free! I’ve been very satisfied being a member; the first Tarosophy Workshop held in Keswick, Lake District was (mildly put) awesome, quality of the quarterly published Tarosophist International is high, discussion at the Forum is friendly and open, and.. can’t really think of anything negative to say about this bunch. If you’re not sure about joining then why not, for the time being, join the Facebook group and see what other competitions & prizes there’ll be during the year to come!  

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