Greetings from China!

After having spent 22 years studying tarot and doing readings on an almost daily basis, I thought it’s time now for something else. At least for a little while. So I decided to move to China, and start studying taiji (tai chi) & kungfu full-time. I’ve now been one month on my trip, and there’s still 8 months more to go. You can read about my experiences in my new blog,

I left my entire tarot library and deck collection back home, just took one deck with me: the one I started my tarot journey with, the Waite-Smith deck. I haven’t done any readings yet here in China, but there have been some lively discussions with a Canadian class mate who’s very interested in tarot. He’s got his first deck with him, the B&W Hermetic deck. Tarot has also made it’s way into my dreams – a few nights back I saw a dream where I was visiting the Atlantis Bookshop in London. I was just about to leave when Geraldine handed me a deck, saying “Have you seen this one yet? It’s the Kübler-Ross Tarot, made only 100 copies of it in 1918. Expensive, but you should get it now that it’s here.” I was sure the name wouldn’t produce any search results, so I was quite surprised when it did: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (Wikipedia).

At the moment I’m not planning on posting any tarot articles while I’m on my trip, but who knows what will happen. Not doing readings and not studying tarot on a daily basis feels both very liberating and at the same time very odd – I’m sure it was no coincidence my unconscious decided to choose that particular name for the dream.

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