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More decks!

When it comes to acquiring new packs I haven’t been very active lately. Actually, I’ve been a downright sloth. What was the last pack I purchased… hum.. right, Golden Tarot of Visconti published by Lo Scarabeo and restored by the wonderful … Continue reading

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Tarot-kurssi Era Novassa 23.10

Tervetuloa Tarot-peruskurssille Era Novaan to 23.10 klo 17-20! Mukaan mahtuu max. 12 henkilöä, hinta 30€.

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Cool stuff

There’s so much awesome things happening in the tarot world at the moment that I’m just about to explode. Because I’m too busy (lazy) I’ll just post here all the Stuff that I can remember, in no particular order. This … Continue reading

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Greetings from China!

After having spent 22 years studying tarot and doing readings on an almost daily basis, I thought it’s time now for something else. At least for a little while. So I decided to move to China, and start studying taiji … Continue reading

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A Short History of Tarot up to the French Revolution

I wrote this article for the Tarosophist Spring 2012 issue which, I’m happy to say, is just awesome (even without my article, ahem). To the best of my knowledge this magazine is currently the only tarot magazine in print, enjoying … Continue reading

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Tarot & Numerologia -intensiivikurssi Helsingissä

Nyt se on taas täällä, nimittäin Airi Ojan ja allekirjoittaneen räväkkä Tarot & Numerologia -yhteiskurssi! 14.-15.4 la & su, eli varatkaapa allakoihinne ja ei kun ilmoittautumaan. Kahdeksan ensimmäistä ja onnekkainta otetaan mukaan! Pdf: TarotNumeroKurssimainosHki2012

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Tarot Books, part 1

This post is about new tarot books that I’ve recently acquired. I hope it will wet your appetite and make you spend even more money on tarot books. Part 2 coming up in the not-too-distant future, with Enrique Enriquez’s Tarology, Abiding in … Continue reading

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Taiteiden Yö 2011

Peruutus: sairauden vuoksi en pääse tänään tulkitsemaan, mutta paikalla on Mikko Heikkilä. Mikko on ystävä, kollega ja taitava tulkitsija. Nauttikaa illasta & yöstä ja käykää tulkinnassa joko Era Novassa tai Shantissa! Mikon sivut: – Taiteiden Yönä pe 26.8.2011 olen … Continue reading

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Lifetime Lesson Card & the Year Card cycles

Many tarot readers are aware of and actively use the so-called Personality, Soul and Year Cards. These cards are based on counting your birth date numbers together (or in the case of the Year Card, adding the numbers of the … Continue reading

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The Zavattari family & Tarot cards

Mary K. Greer writes in herblog about the history of the Visconti tarot cards. One suggestion for the possible creator/s of these first still-existing tarot cards is the Zavattari family. I promised Mary to post whatever information I could find … Continue reading

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