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Traces du Sacré: Thoth Tarot

Traces du Sacré (Traces of the Sacred) was an exhibition held at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, between 7th May – 11th August, 2008. From the Press Release: “With “Traces du Sacré,” already promising to be one of the major artistic … Continue reading

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A Japanese Devil?

“Among Pamela Colman Smith’s teachers at Pratt was Arthur Wesley Dow, who was trained in France. Apart from being an important painter of the period, he was also an art teacher strongly inspired by Japanese art.. Dow emphasized the Japanese … Continue reading

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Interview with Pamela Colman Smith

Once again the Tarot World has much to thank for mr. Koretaka Eguchi (a.k.a. Roppo for those of you who spend time at the Aeclectic forum). On his Occult Art Gallery site there is plenty of information on subjects such as W. … Continue reading

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               If you know who’s the spirit behind this work, please let me know. Incredible piece (feel free to disagree), reminds me of Trump XIV Temperance a lot, of which Sallie Nichols writes: “Now it is time for this libido … Continue reading

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