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Mary K. Greer: Moralization of the Deck of Cards, Part 3

http://marygreer.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/moralization-of-the-deck-of-cards-part-3/ The third chapter on the topic of ‘Moralization of the deck of cards’ from Mary Greer. What a real treasure trove of information this whole series has been – and her entire blog, for that matter. If I remember … Continue reading

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Wasps’ Nest: Asking the Unpopular Question

Card example: 3 of Wands from the Waite-Smith (“Rider”) deck (image from here) Client A: “I had just moved from Chile to Finland. I hated being here. I hated these people. And I hated myself. I was looking back at … Continue reading

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Etteilla music

Here’s a little melody that came into my head a few years ago, as I was studying more on Etteilla. Sound quality is bad as usual but I like the melody, it’s very simple and fun to play (with some … Continue reading

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Grand Etteilla (1890)

A little while ago I had a stroke of luck on Ebay, and was able to buy a copy of Etteilla’s deck, made by Grimaud in 1890 (there’s a tax stamp on the Two of Coins, as usual). The cards … Continue reading

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Remixing Etteilla’s spread

To the best of my knowledge, a Tarot spread called "The Great Figure of Destiny" by Jean-Baptiste Alliette or Etteilla remains to be the largest ever designed spread, comprising of 66 cards. I became aware of this spread while watching Strictly Supernatural: Tarot and Astrology (narrated by Christopher Lee!) where it … Continue reading

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Etteilla 270v.

Jean-Baptiste Alliette 1.3.1738 – 13.12.1791. Mies, josta tuli siemenkauppias; siemenkauppias josta tuli painotuotteiden myyjä; painotuotteiden myyjä josta tuli aikansa suosituin Tarot-ennustaja (Gladiator-leffan tyyliin – kuule kuinka Hans Zimmerin musiikki pauhaa taustalla). Alliette käänsi sukunimensä kirjaimet toisinpäin, ja Etteilla-nimen alla syventyi eri traditioihin: astrologiaan, alkemiaan … Continue reading

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