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Tarot & logoterapia -artikkeli Fikkarissa

Suomen logoterapiayhdistys ry:n tänään ilmestyneessä Fikkari -jäsenlehdessä (2/2010) artikkelini "Terapeuttinen Tarot – ja mahdollisuudet logoterapian kanssa". Artikkeli löytyy vaikkapa täältä. Logoterapiayhdistyksen sivut: http://www.logoterapiayhdistys.fi/Hieno juttu, että artikkeli pääsi lehteen. Toivottavasti jatkossa seuraa keskustelua asian tiimoilta, itselläni ainakin on sellainen olo, että tässä … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Hajo Banzhaf

Hajo Banzhaf 1949-2009 The leading german tarot authority Hajo Banzhaf passed away on 11th February 2009, at the age of 59. His wife, Brigitte Theler-Banzhaf, passed away on December 2007. Mr. Banzhaf authored and co-authored 21 books on astrology and tarot, and … Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Symbols

In her book "The Dynamics of Symbols – Fundamentals of Jungian Psychotherapy" (1992) Verena Kast writes: "According to the Jungian concept of humanity, whatever is external is also internal, and whatever is internal is also external. Hence, we should try … Continue reading

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Face to face with professor Jung

Carl Jung: Face to Face This is the famous BBC interview with Carl Jung from 1959, recorded two years before Jung’s death.

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               If you know who’s the spirit behind this work, please let me know. Incredible piece (feel free to disagree), reminds me of Trump XIV Temperance a lot, of which Sallie Nichols writes: “Now it is time for this libido … Continue reading

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Jung & Einstein

 “I am always perplexed when my colleagues ask: ‘How do you establish such a diagnosis or come to this conclusion?’ I reply: ‘I will explain if you will allow me to explain what you ought to know to be able to … Continue reading

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current (trans-)personal & collective things

“Man is in need of a symbolic life…But we have no symbolic life…Have you got a corner somewhere in your house where you perform the rites as you can see in India? Even the very simple houses there have at … Continue reading

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