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The Tarosophy Tarot Town

The Tarosophy Tarot Town – A Social Space for Tarot Exchange, Discussion & Sharing  http://www.tarot-town.com/ Join now, it’s free! Awesome!

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Walkabout article on Tarosophist International

Walkabout happened exactly a year ago (well, 3 days plus) so now’s a good time to revisit the event. I wrote about this purely awesome thing (before it happened) here http://tarotpuu.livejournal.com/58891.html and the even more awesome group responsible for this delight can be found here http://www.nic.fi/~hoyhen/ (Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen). … Continue reading

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Christmas Competition & Tero’s Law

From  Tarot Professionals "Start your new year with a membership of Tarot Professionals, or as a member, win a Tarot Hamper packed with Tarot goodies! Our Christmas 2009 competition is now open!!! And ALL entries will be included with your … Continue reading

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